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This is the personal website of Pavlos Kallis aka @pakallis. Check the “About” section for more info.

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    About Pavlos Kallis

    I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience building web applications. I held a diploma in computer engineering from the University of Thessaly. I love working in a startup environment. I worked at incrediblue and i am a co-founder at testributor.

    During my journey as a software engineer, i have used the following technologies :

    Ruby | Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL | docker | javascript | HTML CSS | react | python | node.js

    I am an open-source contributor to the split gem. My favorite text editor is vim. Explore my vimrc. My software interests include code refactoring and design patterns. Apart from that, i am interested in machine learning algorithms and “Internet of things” devices.

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